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Connecting Science and Math to the Real World

EDUC 473

Summer 2015


From the syllabus:


Course Description:
The STEEM emphasis is designed to offer candidates a rich and truly interdisciplinary option to furtherexpand their contentpedagogical, and technological knowledge. Students in this course will explore arange of educational theories that support the need to situate the teaching of science and mathematicsconcepts within authentic contexts. They will also explore what current research literature reports aboutthe impact of educational programs that have been designed to connect science and math academiclearning to the real world.  Students will apply their new knowledge from their explorations to the designof a learning experience that uses a real world problem as a vehicle for the teaching of interdependentscience, technology, environmental, or mathematical concepts. The STEEM emphasis is designed toaddress the urgent need for highly qualified teachers who are proficient in all of these areas, to betterprepare students for lifelong learning in the 21st century.
1. Develop Foundational Professional Knowledge
1.1 Understand expert insights regarding access of the curriculum by mainstreamed populations ofstudents, such as English language learners, special education students, and GATE students.
1.2 Learn brain theory regarding lifelong growth mindset perspectives on teaching and learningwith special attention given to professional growth, the achievement gap, and effort and motivation.
1.3 Design interdisciplinary projects that engage students in the active progression of their owneducation. 
2. Develop the professional behaviors including
2.1 The expectation of every student’s success given teacher coaching and student effort
2.2 Online (and other) investigations of interdisciplinary connections
2.3 The design of three detailed interdisciplinary teaching/learning projects 



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.