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Technology in Education: Opportunities & Challenges

EDUC 492

Spring 2015


From the syllabus:


Course Overview

This course is intended for students admitted to the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Education's Learning with Technology emphasis area. Students will examine a wide range of contemporary topics and issues in education ranging from K-12 to higher education and beyond. Particular attention will be paid to the history of technological innovations, their observed benefits and the unintended consequences that have, at times, followed. Students will explore the opportunities and challenges of existing and emerging technologies and how they might be appropriated for teaching and learning relevant to the student’s work and profession in areas such as K-12 or Higher Ed teaching, Training, Professional Development, Business Learning, Online Learning, and Human Resource. Issues of equity in access to new technologies for education, economic and other issues will be considered, among others topics. 


Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Explore the historical challenges and opportunities associated with emerging technologies for learning and use in schools.

  • Identify current and emerging technologies and the challenges and opportunities to enhance learning in both formal and informal educational and settings business contexts.

  • Incorporate progressive pedagogical approaches with current and emerging technologies identified with learning potential.

  • Design and develop a five-year vision for incorporating current and emerging technologies in the student’s work and profession.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop a recognition and understanding of the challenges associated with incorporating new technologies into educational contexts.

  • Apply the principles of constructivist learning theory and progressive pedagogical approaches to the use of current and emerging technologies for teaching and learning.

  • Explore and use a variety of current and emerging technology tools and resources that expand and enhance how they might be used for learning.

  • Design and develop a presentation that demonstrates a vision for incorporating current and emerging learning technologies into their work and profession. 

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Artifact                                     Reflection

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