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This ePortfolio is a reflection of my learning experiences in courses I have taken for the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Education program at Santa Clara University, in the School of Education and Counseling Psychology. I began this program in September of 2014 with the STEEM emphasis (Science, Technology, Environmental Education, and Mathematics) and completed the degree requirements in March of 2016.


The ePortfolio is a project for a culminating course in the MA-IDE program, Assessment and ePortfolio (EDUC 499). 


Organization of the ePortfolio:


I have broken down courses by their primary foci – science education courses, education technology courses, environmental education courses, and mathematics education courses, followed by core MA-IDE courses, and a section online and in-class discussions that have been a component of multiple classes each quarter. The final section in the top menu is a reflection of the program overall so far – relating my experience to my prior work history and goals for a rewarding future career in education.



On the main page for each category, there are links to the courses within the category.


For all courses, the main pages display the course descriptions and/or learning outcomes and objectives from the syllabi. 


Then, there are links to artifacts and corresponding reflections from every class.


Artifact pages contain PDF or Google Drive files, with short descriptions and a list of course objectives that the artifact demonstrated.


Reflection pages reflect on the courses, the artifacts, and how they relate to the Lumina Foundation’s M.A. Degree Qualifications.


The home page has four subpages: this welcome page, About Me, my resume (as a PDF file), a description and list of the M.A. Degree Qualifications, defined by the Lumina Foundation; certain outcomes link to the courses for which I determined that the artifact or the course in general is a best example of having achieved the outcome or expectation. 





Courses included:




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.