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Welcome To Christina's EPortfolio!

My name is Christina Egwim and this is my EPortfolio.

I am currently a freshmen enrolled in a Critical Thinking and Writing class that is centered around education and identity. Through the course, I have been assigned several readings and essays that were designed to strengthen my critical reading and writing skills. As a final project for the class, I have created an EPortfolio in order to demonstrate how I have heightened my ability to think, read, and write analytically. 


In this EPortfolio you will find examples of my development as a better critical reader and writer. Examples include various essays that I have annotated, reflections to those essays (Critical Reading Logs, or "CRL's"), and essays that I have written. Along with all these forms of evidence you will find a reflective essay in which I demonstrate my growth as a critical reader and writer.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.