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Determining who I am is no easy task. However, I believe this is a good thing, especially as a young person and someone who has many strengths. Through self reflection and strength testing such as Realise2 Profile, I've indentified the following traits as strengths:


Time Optimization

Work Ethic



Embodiment of these strengths:


Time Optimization- Ability to balance a heavy workload and finish tasks with proficiency and timeliness. I make extensive use of calendars, both physical and electronic. I start tasks on time and work on them in parts, rather than all at once at the last minute.


Work ethic- Doing the right thing is important to me, especially in the work place. Doing the right thing, morals and ethics, all translate into doing the right thing with your work. Going the extra mile in my work is the only option for me. I am not fulfilled unless my work is stellar. I am a person that can always be counted on, not only to get my work done on time, but to also have an excellent product. 


Competitiveness- As a competitive runner for 9 years and nearly three years as a collegiate runner, I know what it means to compete. This isn't meant to be intimidating, it means that I am always seeking to better myself. I am self motivated and always improving. I bring competitiveness and progress to everything I do. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.